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Proposed Legislation Update - SB387 and AB479
Oct 13, 2017

Town of Grafton Residents and Interested Persons, 

I sent the following correspondence to all of our local state Senators and Assemblypersons.   This is very important legislation that if enacted will have long term negative effects on us and our neighbors.   Please take the time to contact your legislators in opposition.   Thank you.



Good morning Honorable Senators Strobel and Darling and Honorable Representatives Ott and Brooks,

I know you are all very busy so I will keep this short.   I have done my homework on both SB387 and AB479 which if passed will render almost null and void the opinions of residents who are neighboring properties that are applying for conditional use permits.   The ability of the Plan Commission or Board of Supervisors to hear and filter objections and support that is legitimate is a basic function of local government and local control.  

I have believed that less government intervention in local matters is best.   These two bills attack the most basic precepts of local control and the ability of the stockholders in a community to make their own decisions.  I would hope that everyone learned something from the act that took the citing of cell towers away from the people that were affected most.   Local government may not always work as fast as lobbyists and industry may like but it does work.  

Please!!! Do not allow lobbyists and interests that are outside of our local communities to force their wills upon us.   You know us, we are intelligent and reasonable people who have built strong communities with strong property and community values.   We have accomplished that by constantly monitoring and sticking to our land use plans.   We have strong mixes of residential values and commercial businesses that fit in our community.   We have respectfully turned away many applicants whose desires to be here did not fit our community.   We have also embraced and welcomed those that do.

Allowing a state bureaucrat to decide to allow a cell tower in the middle of a residential neighborhood when the community as a whole objects is not right.   These bills will only open the door to more problems like that on a much larger scale.   We are able to decide what will work here and what won’t.   We do not need and do not want Madison dictating local permitting policies.

Thank you for your time  and attention.   I know your jobs are always a challenge.   This particular vote should NOT be one of them.

Lester Bartel

Chairman-Town of Grafton

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