Town of Grafton

Spring Thaw Coming – Be Prepared for Potential Flooding

Warmer temperatures will bring rain and rapid snow thaw to our area this weekend.  Be prepared for potential flooding by following these basic tips:

1.  Remove obstructions or debris that could prevent water from draining away from your home, and ensure that all drains inside your home are clear.

2.  Be aware of your gutters and downspouts – remove debris, ice, or snow if possible so water can freely move away from your home.

3.  Check your sump pump by making sure it is clean and the intake valve is clear.  Test the sump pump to ensure it is in proper working condition and consider purchasing a backup.

4.  Check your insurance – most homeowner policies do not cover flood damage so separate protection would likely need to be purchased.  However, flood insurance only becomes effective 30 days after purchase, so you’ll need to act quickly if this is something you feel you would need.