Town of Grafton

November 6th at 5:30p.m. Special Meeting of Town Electors

A Special Note about this meeting from your Town Chairman:

The Town Board will be bringing before the meeting of the electors on November 6th a request for authorization to purchase property for a Town Hall site.   The reasons we are asking are multifaceted.

One is that while we are happy and comfortable with both our location and our landlord the parking issue particularly for elections is getting more challenging with the success of Atlas Barbecue and Lobo’s restaurant in the Village.   We do not see this getting better in the future.  Elderly people and those who have ambulatory issues are finding more of a challenge finding adequate parking in safe and comfortable walking distance of the Hall.   In addition we would want a new building to have adequate foyer type area so that voters do not have to stand outside in lines during inclement weather for long periods of time.

Another is that we have been getting growing requests over the years from residents needing a place to drop off grass, brush, leaves, ect .   

Another consideration is looking to the future need of a licensed enforcement officer we will need to purchase and house the necessary equipment for whomever we are contracting with.   We would likely be contracting with licensed police officers who would work for us off duty.

Lastly, we have been putting money away yearly for almost 20 years for future Town Hall considerations.   This tells you that this has been on our minds for a long time.   Between what we have saved in a segregated account which is about $218,000 and what we are paying annually in rent we are getting close to where having our own location is starting to make good financial sense.   We want to find a piece of property that is in the Town, two to three acres in size, easily and safely accessible and of course at a price that we can make work to the taxpayer’s advantage.   We have looked at several properties but have not settled on anything yet.   We want to be able to move when we find the right fit.   

State Statutes require that real estate purchases and sales be approved by the electors of the Town which is why we are bringing this before you at the annual budget hearing and meeting of the electors to set the tax levy.

We want to find a piece of property that will let us, and future boards provide the services that we all want and need as well as be economically advantageous to what we are doing now.   Owning our own place will bring costs we are not bearing now such as upkeep and maintenance, snow plowing, grass cutting, insurance, etc..   The entire board is in agreement that moving forward with acquiring a piece of property is in the best interest of the Town.

Lester Bartel

Town Chairman