Town of Grafton

Absentee Ballot Requests- Help your neighbor

Can you help your neighbor?

As of today, the Election for April 7th, 2020 is still scheduled to occur. 

With the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak occurring and the Safer at Home order, many voters would like to vote via absentee ballot. We have many residents who are unable to obtain the application online or make a copy of their license. Both of which is required for us to send an absentee ballot by mail.

We are reaching out to see if you know of anyone that could use help with this. Please let us know so we can work with them to ensure they are able to vote. If you can help your neighbor yourself that would also be much appreciated.

Please reach out to the office 262-377-8500 so we can help you with the process.


Stay well- Town of Grafton