Town of Grafton

Grafton Re-Opening Statement & Note from our Chairman


Good morning fellow Town residents,


I have attached the document being released by the Village of Grafton in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce.  I likewise am pleased to see that Town business owners that have shut down in accordance with State orders are able to open and start putting their lives and businesses back together.   I also strongly urge all business owners and patrons to follow the guidelines of the Ozaukee/Washington County Health department in regards to personal space and conduct.   It is important to demonstrate that this is not the “Wild,Wild West” and that we are anything but in “chaos”.    For those of you who are most at risk please continue to exercise caution.   I also suggest that anyone who has neighbors, family or friends who are in this group to continue to reach out, check up on them, help with errands, shopping, ect.


It is in our collective benefit to do all that we can to exercise responsible behavior and execute a successful re-opening.   Thank you all for what you have done and will continue to do.





Lester Bartel

Town Chairman