Town of Grafton

NEW GARBAGE SERVICE coming in January – please read on IMPORTANT

New Service from Harter’s Lakeside Disposal will begin on January 3rd – All information on this will be included in your 2021 Tax Bill being mailed out on 12/3/21.  WATCH FOR THIS & READ!

The Town had several volunteers help us to obtain information on your Garbage Cart needs, Thank You all for helping with this, you are so appreciated.  If you were contacted by a neighbor no need to read on.

If you live on one of the following roads – Please check the list below.  This means No one volunteered to cover your area.   Town is looking for the following information:  IF ANY OF FOLLOWING APPLY TO YOU, PLEASE EMAIL that information ASAP to:

1.) Do you know of any VACANT HOMES near you ?  if yes, please contact us 

2.) Will you be in need of more than the 1 Garbage cart & 1 recycling cart provided ?  if yes, please contact us.

3.) Are you gone for several months of the year?  if yes, please contact us with how many months your gone.

ADELE CRT                           EDGEWATER DR              HIGH BLUFF              NANTUCKET

APPLE BLOSSOM                   EDGEWATER CRT             HILLCREST               PARKWOOD

BEECHWOOD                       EDGEWOOD                     HOMESTEAD             PHEASANT LN

BITTERSWEET                      ELM                                KAULETTE                PIONEER

CAMBRIDGE                         FALLS RD  882-1481        KIMBERLY                PLEASANT VALLEY

CARDINAL                           FIFTH AVENUE                  LAKE BLUFF            PORT WASHINGTON  

CEDAR SAUK                       FALLS RD                        LAKEFIELD 668-1904     PRAIRIE VIEW

CHAPEL                               GLORIA LANE                  LAKESHORE 117-1889 / 2183-2498

CHEYENNE                           GREENBAY RD N  1385-1980    MANCHESTER          RIVER BEND 1414-1601        

COBBLESTONE                     GREEN BAY RD S  528-820       MAPLE CRT              SHADY LANE

COUNTY C                            GREEN VALLEY                        MAPLE RD               SHARON LANE

COUNTY V                            HEATHER                                MAYFAIR                  SHEFFIELD CRT

COUNTY W                           HICKORY                                MEADOW BREEZE     SPLIT RAIL

STONECROFT DRIVE              TALLGRASS                          TRAILWAY DRIVE       ULAO PARKWAY 614-1987