Town of Grafton

Garbage & Recycling – Update

Harter’s Lakeside Disposal began their contract with us today !  Please read to the bottom.

You should now be using our New Harter’s Carts.

Your old carts should be empty or already gone.  If not gone, Please continue leave them out they are making their way through the town they will be picked within a week or so.   

  • REMEMBER – Put your cart(s) out before 7 a.m. – if you cannot meet that deadline please put them out the night before. Many of you have been missing pick up because carts are not out on time.  Harter’s can tell us exactly what time they are at each stop.

  • Harter’s will be working through finding the best route for them for a few week, so please be patient.  They come to us from the North and not the west like past company.  Pick up times will change till they figure it out.